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At EarthPeak Solutions, we have an unwavering focus on people and the environment. We exist to provide our customers with closed-loop organic waste management solutions, turning waste into an opportunity for new life – plant life, that is.

We don’t let good waste go to waste

Every year in the US, an estimated 40% of all food is wasted – 119 billion pounds, or the equivalent of 130 billion meals – according to Feeding America.

In fact, food is the largest category of material in landfills.

This waste can have significant effects on the environment, the economy, and food security, which is why organizations like Feeding America rescue billions of pounds of food annually to feed the hungry.

Learn more about why we should care about food waste.

On top of all that, we believe that food scraps are wasting their potential by sitting in landfills, so we’ve built our business around putting those scraps to work, keeping them out of landfills, and increasing sustainability. 

In doing so, we help our customers meet their sustainability goals and ESG targets. As of our latest update, EarthPeak Solutions has processed over 5,800,000 lbs of food scraps (and counting!), which equals approximately 301,600 lbs CO2e GHG reductions.

And we strive to innovate. The addition of other eco-friendly products and services to our line, like EarthPeak Dinnerware, continues and expands on our mission and our focus on people and the environment. 

Where others see waste, we see opportunities for something good.

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