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At EarthPeak Solutions, we provide our customers with closed-loop organic waste management solutions and eco-friendly products.

Our aerobic food scrap digesters use innovative advanced enzymes to digest food scraps, locking in nutrients as the food waste is processed in a closed-loop system that ensures a clean process without pollutants, contamination, or foul odors.

This system of heat and air can reduce your organic waste by 70%, recycling and transforming it into useful feeds, fertilizers, and biofuels in only 24 hours.

That’s why EarthPeak Solutions has partnered with Sweden’s BioNova to bring their more than three decades of experience, expertise, and industry-leading Conversion & Diversion Technologies to our customers.

Benefits of Food Scraps Digesters

The primary benefits of digesters are how they can help you

  • Eliminate waste and keep food scraps out of landfills
  • Lower or eliminate your waste management and collection costs
  • Lower your fuel costs
  • Reduce your CO2 emissions, and
  • Improve your carbon footprint

All of which increases your sustainability and makes you a greener, more environmentally conscious business.

How Digesters Work

  1. Food scraps are loaded into the digester
  2. Advanced digestive enzymes break down the food waste in a temperature-controlled environment that meets pasteurization requirements
  3. Over the course of 24 hours, the temperature, moisture, and other levels are monitored in order to maintain optimal conditions that eliminate pathogens and create a sanitized product
  4. A clean, nutrient-rich biomass product is created

Who Uses Digesters?

  • Supermarkets and Food Distribution Centers
  • Hotels, Resorts and Casinos
  • Corporate, University, and Military Cafeterias
  • Restaurants and Food Courts
  • Theme Parks, Convention Centers, and Stadiums
  • Hospitals and Nursing Homes
  • Cannabis Processing Facilities
  • Citrus and Fruit Processing Facilities
  • Cruise Ships, Cargo Ships, and Oil Tankers
  • Poultry Hatcheries, Beef, Poultry, Pork, Dairy, and Fish Processing Facilities
  • Prepared Foods Processing Facilities
  • Pet Food Manufacturing
  • Rendering Plants
  • Dead Stock / Feed Lots
  • Island, Rural, and Other Private Properties

What Goes in Digesters?

  • Meat, Poultry, Fish
  • Shellfish and Bones
  • Egg and Dairy Products
  • Milk in Biodegradable Cartons
  • Tables Scraps and Plate Scrapings
  • Fruits and Vegetables
  • Bread, Dough, Pasta, and Grains
  • Coffee Grounds, Filters, and Tea Bags 
  • Soiled, Uncoated Paper Cups, Plates, Boxes, Towels, and Napkins
  • Cannabis Waste
  • DAF Sludge

Digester Capacities

Our range of food scrap digesters includes a variety of sizes to help meet the specific needs of our customers.

Digester Range S-XL

Small C2
Medium C5
Large C20
Large C50
** Amount of material diverted from landfill
** Volume reduction: 70-80% of orginal inputs
** Capacities may vary with raw material composition and process conditions
Please Note: Due to continual engineering improvments, specifications are subject to change

Digester Range XL-5XL

Extra large Digesters for Waste Management, Councils, Landfill, Food Industries.

Capacity from 5,000 tns/year up to 25,000 tns/year with possibilities to expand with side by side position.

XL: 5.000MT
2XL: 10.000MT
3XL: 15.000MT
4XL: 20.000MT
5XL: 25.000MT

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Digesters are available for purchase or contracted through leases designed to meet your needs. 

Contact an EarthPeak Solutions representative to discuss your needs and find the solution that works best for you.